How gerrymandered is my state?
Welcome to the website of the Princeton Gerrymandering Project! We research the effects of gerrymandering, a major bug in American democracy. On this site, you can check how gerrymandering affects your state and learn about efforts to solve the problem. You can also learn more about gerrymandering and our methods, and run the tests yourself.

Click on your state to see how it performs on our gerrymander detection tests. You can view the historical trends using the years selector above. You can also see how the tests work, or run your own with more detailed results.
Number of tests failed:
Unlikely to be gerrymandered.
Possibly gerrymandered, worth further investigation.
Extremely likely to be gerrymandered, save for extenuating circumstances.
Definitely gerrymandered, outcome would not have arisen from unbiased redistricting process.

Not enough districts
States with few districts are very hard to gerrymander. We only test states with at least 6 districts.
Winning party in district: