Data and Code from the Princeton Gerrymandering Project

Scripts for Gerrymandering Tests (Python)

Python implementation of the three statistical tests for partisan gerrymandering.

Congressional Election Results, 1948 - 2016

Cleaned results of each Congressional election from 1948 to 2016.

State Legislative Election Results, 1971 - 2016

Contains the results of over 80,000 single-member state legislative election from 1971 to 2016. 2017 results coming soon.

Other resources

State Legislative Election Results

Carl Klarner's collection of state legislature elections from 1967 - 2010. A 2011-2012 extension is also available.

Daily Kos Elections Data

Daily Kos Elections maintains an archive of useful data on recent elections, including presidential election results by Congressional and State Legislative district, district maps, demographic information, and much more.

Elections Geodata archive

A large set of district and precinct shapefiles and returns for recent elections.

Our Campaigns

Election information, news, maps, and returns for current national, state, and local elections.

Polidata Reports

Various election, demographic, and geographic datasets from the 1980s to present.